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    What is a building?

    This video asks the question “What is a building?” Throughout the video, we illustrate that a building is more than just a physical structure; it is also a union of the functional and spatial experiences that will be shared within the building.  Stocks-Mann Architects values those experiences as well as the relational experiences that are formed between the ...

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    Stocks-Mann Architects – Libraries A short video showcasing some of Stocks-Mann Architects' work with various Libraries.

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    Geo Piers

    Geopier Process It’s not every day you get to see this at work! The Van Buren County Library is our first project to use geo piers, and we’re impressed! This machine drills a hole in the earth, comes out and compacts gravel back into the hole providing a sturdy foundation in otherwise not so good ...

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    • – What is a building?
    • Our principal in charge of each project manages and produces the entire project, from initial client meetings, throughout the design process and during the entire construction of the facility. We believe that the continuity established through communication and collaboration with the same person during the evolution of planning and constructing a building is the key to a successful project.

    • We attempt to learn as much as possible about our client’s world. Our goal is to participate as a trusted partner in a client’s strategic thinking and planning. Without a full partnership with our clients, important possibilities may go unrecognized.

    • – Libraries