In 2007 Stocks-Mann Architects was requested by the University of Central Arkansas to prepare a feasibility study for a new weight room to be attached to the UCA Pepsi Center. The new 7,727 sq. ft. facility would more than double the size of the current weight room currently housed in Estes Stadium. The space would need to house present and future weight equipment, restrooms, coaches offices. This new facility would need to have direct access to the existing indoor practice facility for the continuation of the conditioning programs. Visual control is a key necessity when training athletes, to ensure no one is injured when weight training. The area available for this addition was on the east side of the Pepsi Center, UCA’s indoor practice facility. This translated into a linear solution to the design of this new facility. Brick and precast where used to visually connect this facility with the surrounding campus architecture. In the spring of 2011, Stocks Mann was authorized to complete the drawings in order to have the facility constructed for the start of off season weight training in January 2012.