The University of Central Arkansas’ Administration offices will be relocating to a more prominent location at the southeast corner of campus when the renovation of Wingo Hall is completed in 2005. Instead of tearing down a 1930’s dormitory was decided to convert the building into administrative office space and provide new board room addition for the Board of Trustees. The 30,000 square foot masonry and concrete structure faces a large campus lawn on the north side and a public parking lot on the south. UCA requested that the building design convert the south side or “back” of the building to a second “front door” for the public to enter. The design solution located the new board room on the south side, flanking it with covered porches on both sides to lead visitors in. A monumental entry porch will also be added to the north side. The existing structure was used a feature to enhance the character of all the interior spaces. Floor to floor heights of only ten feet presented a challenge for the design team to integrate new mechanical and electrical systems. Through adaptive reuse, Wingo Hall will continue to be a vital part of UCA.