What is a building?

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This video asks the question “What is a building?” Throughout the video, we illustrate that a building is more than just a physical structure; it is also a union of the functional and spatial experiences that will be shared within the building.  Stocks-Mann Architects values those experiences as well as the relational experiences that are formed between the firm and our client.  A building is also more than its walls, roof, and floors.  It begins as a thought or a dream; it is explored and developed, and finally it is assembled to provide a tangible place that can be inhabited and experienced.  Stocks-Mann Architects helps produce positive experiences for our clients, from inception through construction, and takes pride in working to make a client’s vision materialize.  Our attention to detail and depth of architectural experience provide our clients with functional, reliable buildings and experiences in a meaningful environment that allow them to thrive for years to come.

Let Stocks-Mann Architects put our collective experience to work designing your experiences.